Summer 2023

“I (Blake) am still out here on the acreage growing veggies, herbs, and flowers. From what I have seen and heard, God has been giving many others a desire to get back to the basics (growing your own food … making homemade bread and butter … making handpicked bouquets). To get away from the over-processed way of life that many live today. A main focus of mine has been on selling firewood in Cedar Falls and surrounding areas. My family and I are still making homemade skin-care products using our comfrey plants.
There will be many exciting new developments now that my wife Hannah will be helping! She will bring her own unique gifts to the company table.
Hannah and I just got married this summer on the acreage and share a common desire to create quality products and food that we can share with others.” – Blake


Deep root acres was established in 2017 by a young and avid entrepreneur named Blake Carlson. At the age of 19 he left his basketball career behind and returned to his home town in Cedar Falls, IA to pursue agriculture. Located a corn cobs toss away from the Cedar Falls border, this small scale farm is a tightknit, home-grown acreage. We focus on high quality and mineral/nutrient rich produce, without the use of those harmful chemicals you’ve been hearing about; acidic and sodium-based chemicals, and synthetic pesticides, or as I like to call them “syntheticides.” All our field sprays are safe and healthful in the promotion of bio-soil life and in balancing the soil activity. Blake’s motto is “quality over quantity.

Deep Root Acres is a Christian based farm working to provide nutrient dense fruits and vegetables to the community of Cedar Falls.

Our farming practices include a no-till system utilizing foliar applications for nutrient and mineral level increase, as well as a woodchip mulch cover for water retention and weed reduction. Blake and his twin brother are partners of Renewable Farming, a business owned by their Father and Grandfather. We are a family of Christian entrepreneurs dedicated to upholding the values set by Jesus, our God and our Bible. We know our time here on this soil is short, but as long as we are here, we will be a light to society and an encouragement to the hard working citizens of these United States.

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