What I have available: fully seasoned hardwoods wood cut to an average length of 16 inches. It will fit in most indoor fire-place and wood stoves.  Sold as hard-wood blend of: Locust, Ash, Maple, Oak, Black Walnut and Hackberry.

Seasoned Hardwood Pricing:

Less than Half of a Cord, 6x6x2 standard bed in a pick-up truck filled (thrown-in): $100

Half a Cord, 8x6x2 extended bed in a pick-up truck filled (thrown in): $125 

1 full cord: $250 


Pick-up Location: 1527 S. Union Cedar Falls, IA 50613 (call or text to arrange a time: 319-743-8073)

Delivery Pricing: $25-$120 based on delivery location (won’t deliver further than an hour away)

and amount of purchased wood

Stacking Fee: $15-$75 Varied Price depending on: how much delivered, how long it takes to stack, how far it needs to be wheelbarrowed or carried (how close can I get my truck to the stacking point).

Looking forward to doing business with you,

Blake Carlson